All products placed on the market by Sum Sum International Ltd comply with all current requirements of the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2006, which implement the European Toys Safety Directive. Each and every toy is quality checked to ensure they are safe for their intended and expected use before they leave the manufacturing plant.
All our toys are accompanied by the CE mark. This can also be found on many electrical and medical products and is not just restricted to toys. This mark is your guarantee that a toy / product satisfies the requirements of the Toy (Safety) Regulations.
  The mark must also be accompanied by the identifying name and address of the person or company responsible for first placing the toy on the market. This allows traceability back to the responsible party in the event of any problems being subsequently identified.
Warnings and instructions
To ensure safe use, toys must carry appropriate warnings and instructions. These may often include the "0-3" warning symbol indicating that the toy to which it is attached is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
Parents : As an extra precaution, we recommend you check the toy regularly for signs of wear or damage


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